Coconut Cupcakes
A delicately flavoured cake with a coconut-y topping that's prefect for any tea party.
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Lamb Tagine
If you need a hearty dish that’s bursting with flavour, let me introduce to you my Moroccan-inspired lamb tagine.
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Coconut Sweets
Also known as coconut ice, these creamy and coconut-y sweets are so delectable. Trust me, once you eat one, you'll want to eat all of them!
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Bol Déviré
Here’s one of my grandma’s recipes. Bol déviré (upside-down bowl) also known as bol renversé (magic bowl) as some Mauritians call it.
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Peri Peri Chicken
Here’s my take on peri peri chicken that can easily be done at home whether you have a BBQ or only have access to an oven.
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Mauritian Napolitaine
These Mauritian sandwich cookies started my journey to becoming a better baker.
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