Di Pain Frire (Mauritian Fried Bread)
Fried bread with a Mauritian twist!
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Chatini Pomme D'amour
A spicy Mauritian salsa that can be served with a variety of dishes.
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Vegan Chipotle Burritos
These burritos make a flavoursome and nutritious lunch.
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Baba's FujiFuiji Ribs
This Nigerian inspired recipe, in collaboration with Baba-Q Grill, make tender, juicy, sweet and spicy pork ribs.
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Seafood Quesadilla with Baba's FujiFuji Sauce
Here's an easy and tasty recipe, perfect as a snack, light lunch or even a starter.
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Jerk-spiced Porchetta
A classic Italian roast with a Caribbean twist
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Plantain Muffins with a Streusel Topping
Do you have over-ripe plantains? Don't throw them away 'cus this recipe is for you!
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Puits D’amour
This Mauritian delicacy is a very popular amongst the locals and fittingly translates to “wells of love.”
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Sticky Dr Pepper BBQ Ribs
This fall-of-the bone recipe that can be made outdoors on the BBQ or in your oven.
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Jamaican Goat Curry
A well-loved Jamaican dish made with spring onions, fresh ginger, allspice and, of course, scotch bonnet.
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