Spicy Prawn Linguine
Difficulty level: Easy
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Prep Time
10 minutes
Cooking/Baking Time
30-35 minutes

2 tbsp. olive oil, plus extra

1 onion

1 tsp. salt, plus extra to taste

3 garlic cloves

1 can tomatoes

4 fl. oz. water

1 tsp parsley

2 tsp. oregano

¼ tsp. pepper

1 tsp. chilli flakes, or to taste

8 oz. uncooked shelled prawns

1 red bell pepper, cut into chunks

4 oz. cherry tomatoes, cut in half

1 packet linguine or spaghetti (about 18 oz. or 500g)

Handful fresh parsley, to serve

  1. Heat the oil in a medium-sized pot over a medium heat. Add the onions and fry for 3 minutes or until soft. Add the salt and continue to stir for a further 3 minutes.
  2. Stir in the garlic for 1 minute, then mix in the tinned tomatoes, water, parsley, oregano, pepper and chilli flakes. Reduce the heat to a simmer and cook with the lid on for 8 minutes.
  3. In the meantime, cook the pasta according to instructions.
  4. While the pasta is cooking, start preparing the prawns by heating a little olive oil in a medium pan over a medium heat. Add the prawns and cook until it just starts to turn pink. Remove from the heat and decant the prawns onto a plate.
  5. Turn your attention to the tomato sauce. Remove from the heat and then carefully pour the sauce into a food processor. Cover the with the lid and blend on a high speed for 1 minute or until the sauce becomes smooth.
  6. Add the sauce back into the pan over a medium heat. Add the bell peppers and cherry tomatoes and cook until softened.
  7. Reduce the heat to a simmer and add in the half-cooked prawns. Simmer until the prawns are fully cooked.
  8. Once you’ve drained the cooked pasta, decant into a large serving bowl. Next, pour in sauce and gently mix until the pasta is fully incorporated with the sauce. Serve hot with chopped parsley and cheese. Enjoy!

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